Journey through the shadowfell

Many Days of Travel

We continued forward

Day after day, the party traveled further inland. Each day, being fearful of the creatures of the night, the party set up camp around dusk, and waited for the sun to rise. Strange sounds echoed throughout the nights. It was no wonder that the people who once lived here fled.
On one night, Mysskaar noticed a pair of eyes watching him, but as he noticed it, they quickly blinked out. He worried for only a moment when no evidence of threat continued.
A couple of nights later, a rustling in the woods nearby the camp was heard coming toward the camp. [Nancy], while on watch, fired an arrow in the direction of the sound. The rustling, though paused, continued into the dim light of the campfire. It was a zombie with outstretched arms. It was after the zombie spoke, “I come … in peace…” that she noticed one arm was shaking a white cloth. As the party awoke, we listened to what the zombie had to say. He, although wanting to kill us, was asking for our help. It was hard to understand his mutterings at times because his thoughts were not always coherent. After he spoke his words, he departed.
The party now knew a little more about there destination than before, but this did not comfort them in the least. They were to continue forward. They had noticed that the approximate travel time to the academy was underestimated, and they would be rushed for time to make it back to the ship.



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