Journey through the shadowfell

Many Days of Travel
We continued forward

Day after day, the party traveled further inland. Each day, being fearful of the creatures of the night, the party set up camp around dusk, and waited for the sun to rise. Strange sounds echoed throughout the nights. It was no wonder that the people who once lived here fled.
On one night, Mysskaar noticed a pair of eyes watching him, but as he noticed it, they quickly blinked out. He worried for only a moment when no evidence of threat continued.
A couple of nights later, a rustling in the woods nearby the camp was heard coming toward the camp. [Nancy], while on watch, fired an arrow in the direction of the sound. The rustling, though paused, continued into the dim light of the campfire. It was a zombie with outstretched arms. It was after the zombie spoke, “I come … in peace…” that she noticed one arm was shaking a white cloth. As the party awoke, we listened to what the zombie had to say. He, although wanting to kill us, was asking for our help. It was hard to understand his mutterings at times because his thoughts were not always coherent. After he spoke his words, he departed.
The party now knew a little more about there destination than before, but this did not comfort them in the least. They were to continue forward. They had noticed that the approximate travel time to the academy was underestimated, and they would be rushed for time to make it back to the ship.

Winterfall City Hall

At the break of dawn (10:00, remember that it’s dark here) the party arose and went into town. After some cursory searching the party found city hall in the center of town. Stealthily approaching and Hall, a simple civil building with a mail room and secretary office was found. Opening a large set of double doors they stumbled upon a Skull Lord in a courtroom, holding court over his minions: a Spirit Devourer, skeletons, and zombies. After a fierce battle the Skull Lord was destroyed and the Spirit Devourer vanquished.

A tortured spirit, released from the torture and imprisonment of the Spirit Devourer, lingered on to speak with the heroes, to thank them and warn them of upcoming trials.

Old Grudges

Approaching what remains of the old city, you’re accosted by Ghost Legionnaires, still fighting an ancient battle. The haunting makes you aware that these ghosts suffered death at the hands of a horde of undead creatures led by a Skull Lord, and with every breath the ghosts plead with you to enter the city and do what needs to be done to set them to rest.

After setting the ghosts to rest (at least temporarily) you rest and plan your next day’s journey.

The Set-up

After leaving Rhe’yorel in secret and a few weeks of sailing, you have been deposited on the shore of Atullan, by the Captain, some 6 days journey from where scant historical records indicate the academy should be. You’re given 12-18 days to complete the task before the Captain leaves you for dead and returns to Rhe’yorel. The land itself is foreboding and you are quickly acquainted with the resident evils (lols) of the land. After a watery confrontation with sodden ghouls and ghosts on the shore, you’re faced with a decision: find the road that leads from the nearby city and follow it to the academy or navigate the wilderness for a more direct route. After some discussion, you decide to head into whatever remains of the nearby city and begin the more sure route.

The Mission

You were brought together through various channels and authorities to form an expert team. Whatever coalition of powers has brought you together, it’s clear that both the government and church of Light, represented by Darius, in this port-city kingdom on Rhe’yorel are heavily involved, and they have asked you to embark on a highly dangerous secret mission. To protect the Living World from the horrors of the past, you must sail to Atullan, the Dead Land, to secure a powerful scrying tool still present in whatever remains of a once-famous school of magic and lore. Your mission is to retrieve this item and return safely with it before time grows too late…


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